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Postdocs ( positions available )

Apply with your CV, contact information for three references. Include a summary of your previous projects, where you see your research headed, what techniques and perspectives you can contribute to our group, and your thoughts on how working with me will advance your career goals. I’m looking for postdocs that are competitive candidates for personal funding through fellowships, and this means that you should have a solid publication record including first author publications in recognized journals. 

Graduate Students ( currently not recruiting )

I’m always looking to attract new talent to my lab. Email me to set up a time to meet and we can discuss mutual research interest. Or seek me out during the Itasca workshop, if you are a student in the incoming MCDB&G class. 

Undergraduate Students ( currently not recruiting )

Email me with your prior research experience, applicable coursework you have taken, and an idea of how much time you will be spending in the lab. Also, let me know what aspects of the research in our group appeal to you.

Past Team Members